Tino Best cups his balls in his left hand

Head back, eyes closes - what's he thinking?

A ‘balls’ joke.

You can tell we’re on holiday.

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9 Appeals

  1. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s post featuring Jim Dale, Bernard Bresslaw and Barbara Windsor. “My balls are swingin’ all over the place.” Ooh er, missus.

    • They never did Carry On Cricket, which is a flaw in what is otherwise perfection. You’d think they would have, what with balls, maidens, stumps (especially middle ones), tickles, drives, covers, fine and long legs, members, ends, members’ ends, and Ian Ronald Bell.

      Shane Watson and Michael Clarke will be batting today, Doctor. Do you fancy coming down to watch?

      Sorry Matron, what’s that you said?

      I was just asking if you’d like to see a pair of enormous tits?

    • There WAS a cricket scene in the somewhat inelegantly titled “Carry On Follow That Camel”. I can’t remember it in detail but I’d be astonished if there wasn’t a balls joke.

    • Smudge, I am in awe. I assume that you have an equally detailed recollection of all the Carry On films, and that you can often be found shouting the dialogue to yourself while wandering the streets late at night. Truly a renaissance man.


      9m 20s in, and again at 11m 30s. No balls, though, which ought to be a line from the film.

    • Follow that Camel wasn’t a Carry On film.

    • Jim Dale hitting to leg was like watching Mark Waugh in his pomp. And as for Bresslaw’s appeal at the end – insanely good stuff

    • Infamy! Infamy! Bert has got it in for me!

    • When I’m watching the DVD someone gave me of Australia’s innings versus England in the 2007 World Cup Super Eights, I always snigger when Nasser Hussein says, “Michael Vaughn’s got his fine leg up.”

  2. They should make Carry On Follow On 270 Runs Behind and Come Back To Win the Match.

    That would be a film.

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