Top ten Ashes players of all time

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Patrick Kidd’s already started his fiendishly exhaustive build-up to next year’s Ashes series at The Times’ Line and Length blog. He asked us to supply a top ten of influential Ashes characters, so we did.

Our top ten is a personal one really. We didn’t want to produce a boring composite of everyone else’s top tens, so it’s mostly recent players and the reasons are quite disparate.

Kidd deliberately put our top ten up on the same day as his Matthew Hayden: Ashes hero post, the malicious hound.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. That picture of Hayden and Elmo is crying out for a caption competition. “Spot the muppet” immediatly springs to mind.

  2. See what happens when you mess with the proper way of the world.

    The whole timesonline blog has imploded, and it’s world is running backwards.

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  3. What’s all this comments off bollocks, you dirty bastard.

    Laurence wins the match, and we can’t rejoice with him.

    Right, it’s on the blower to Polly, Colly and Chapple, and they’ll be marching to Manchester before you know it. The blades of truth have been sharpened, you have been warned.

  4. The King is too grand for comments now, Suave, seeing he has thrown in his lot with TWC and we are just permitted to silently chant his name and admire his immaculate prose

  5. I’m currently giving him the longest silent boo of his life.

    Also, Colly and Polly have started their journey to Manchester (picking Chapple up on the right side of the pennines), to enable Dear King to silently do everything.
    It’s difficult to talk with your head in a basket.

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  7. Is KC owned by Murdoch now? Will Sky by anything?

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