West Indies’ one-day kit

Dwayne Bravo cutting a hideous, hideous dash“Let’s make the shirt maroon and then match that with scarlet trousers and hats, because maroon and scarlet are complementary colours.

“Let’s put some yellow bits here, there and everywhere and then let’s make the collar, ooh, let’s say bright green.

“Finally, as the piece de resistance, let’s put a huge sweat stain right down the front.”

At least it’s got ‘Vampire’ written on it. That’s about a million times better than ‘Adidas’.

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16 Appeals

  1. Do you think they used the same design team as the ICL?


  2. Do all the shirts say “Prior” on the back of them?

  3. Nice photo.

    “All the participants in the ICL wave their international careers goodbye.”

  4. bravo is all well and good, but he’s no isa guha


    sweet jesus.

  5. I can’t get the number 95 out of my mind. Does anybody know why?

  6. I ADORE the ICL kits.

    I didn’t like the weird whitish bits at the front of the Windies shirt. I liked that they almost looked like skeletal ribs, but they didn’t go far enough for me. My dream will be complete when the Kiwis choose a kit that looks like a skeleton suit. Perhaps they could do it for a charity game for osteoporosis or something. DO IT, KIWIS.

  7. Think they trialled it Miriam…


  8. Lovely, Ceci! Now THAT’S a cricket kit that I can get behind.

  9. I did notice Oram looking a bit slimmer lately.

  10. I could get behind Isa Guha

  11. Maybe they should ask Isa to play in her work clothes – or just umpire:

  12. D Charlton –

    Thank you.

    Christ on a bike.

  13. Well, I doubt the lovely Isa would be riding too many bikes in that get-up.

    Still not a patch on Mithali and her cover drive, though. I think I’m developing an obsession…

  14. But Mahinda, did you see the catch Mithali spooned over for six…

  15. No. But I’m sure she spooned it with grace, poise and that nervous little smile of hers.

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