When England made 700 against India

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Does he ever get bored? The answer is no

There seems to have been a good deal of criticism of England, considering how well they’re doing. We’re not joining in.

While Alastair Cook could have accelerated later on, there was also something to be said for the sheer demoralising effect of batting on and on and on. If it was tough on you as a spectator, imagine being out in the field. India’s batsmen wouldn’t be at their best after that.

There are two days to go. England aren’t short of time, because despite the apparent slowness they still scored at a rate approaching four an over throughout their monster innings. They also put another 40 overs into Praveen Kumar’s legs. With the next Test starting on Thursday, that might be pretty handy. It’s a Test series, not just a Test match.

Long term

There’s also merit in being characterised as a team of heartless bastards. England teams of yore seemed to empathise with the opposition and it was a huge weakness. This team doesn’t give a toss.

If you’re about to play a Test series against a group of people who’d bat the same way even if you only had one fielder and who’d bowl the same way even if you didn’t have a bat or protection, it’s intimidating.

‘Aura’ sounds magical – we don’t like the word. Having a repuation for being cold and brutal is an attribute however and it’s on days when you emotionlessly and efficiently score 700 that you build that reputation. If time were a concern, it would be a different matter. But it wasn’t.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Imagine a timeless test, with Cook & Trott plodding on the runs… At the end of england’s first innings the scoreboard would have needed an overhaul to supposrt more then 4 digit number & the record books a totally new section.

  2. Well fuck. That was sad. I had to drink myself out of thinking about this for a good chunk of the week.

    Can’t believe its been two years. Where will England be in 2 ?

  3. England hadn’t piled on 700+ since before the Second World War – that really is food for thought.

    And I was there, folks, I was there. (At Edgbaston, not the Second World War).

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