Why the world no longer truly understands the majesty of Shahid Afridi

We watched a bunch of sixes today. Well, we say ‘watched’. What we actually mean is that we heard commentators overreacting to sixes while writing something. We didn’t look up once.

We live in a different world, nowadays. We’ve tried to take you back to the old one in our All Out Cricket piece about Shahid Afridi, but like the £5 base layer we use for winter cycling, it’s not an easy thing to pull off.

Either way, it’s received some positive feedback. One commenter claimed: “You actually wrote my mind out.”

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8 Appeals

  1. Did the world ever understand anything about Shahid Afridi? I certainly can’t claim to.

  2. For me the quintessential Afridi moment will always be this one:


    Anyone who thinks to behave thus in the wake of an explosion is utterly “other”. Gawd bless him.

  3. Understanding Afridi was never the point. His baffling insistence on ignoring the situation that his team were in when he came in to bat was part of his charm.

    I agree that his incongruousness was also part of his charm, though – and he’s far less incongruent these days.

  4. He’s a great example of one of those ‘not what he does do but what he might do’ players.

    When he got out quite early on in this run chase in an innings that summed him up perfectly, we knew we’d ‘finally bloody win something’ that day:


    This game was also noteworthy for the total disintegration of Scott Boswell, bowling continual slow, wide filth to the mercurial Banger… surely a future KoC?

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