Will Jefferson, Nottinghamshire

Will JeffersonA lot of our better updates have been about Will Jefferson. This is partly why we’re watching him for the third season in a row.

We’re mainly watching him like a child with no concept of what’s socially acceptable though; with our mouth agape, pointing and saying ‘why has that piece of scaffolding got a face?’

In ancient history Jefferson’s ancestors smote humans or enslaved them for the construction of gargantuan underground tunnels linking the continents of the world. Maybe this season Will Jefferson will smite county bowling attacks and enslave cricket supporters for thoughtful ‘maybe Will Jefferson’s ready for England’ letters to the local paper.

County cricketers to watch in 2008

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6 Appeals

  1. I love Mr Jefferson.

    I wish it was still down at the Mighty Essex Eagles.

    I weep for him.

    We give them Will, they give us Jason Gallian, it doesn’t seem fair.

    But what annoys me most, is that he was kept out of the side by Varun Chopra and Mark Pettini. THEY’RE SHIT>

  2. Isn’t Pettini captain now? is there no better bat wielding man woman or toddler in essex?

  3. Yes, and since he became captain he’s averaged about 2,

    Unfortuantely, we have a team full of bits and pieces all-rounders, and they’re rubbish as captains.

    Although I thought Grant Flower might now a thing or two.

  4. Bring back Ronnie Irani!

    Actually, don’t …

  5. Dont set such high benchmarks for old Jefferson – not everyone can match up to Captain Key.
    Speaking of which, Robert Key’s integrity on show – a marvellous man.

  6. King Cricket

    April 10, 2008 at 7:54 am

    Thank you very much dot-dot-dot. There’ll be an update in that and no mistake.

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