Will the County Championship come down to bonus points?

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Graham Gooch’s moustache! The BATTLE IS ON!

Yorkshire need 209 to beat Nottinghamshire and it looks like they’ll make it. If they do, the table will look exactly like this going into the final round of matches:

  1. Nottinghamshire – some points
  2. Somerset – roughly the same number of points
  3. Yorkshire – pretty much the same again, give or take

You can try and work out all the bonus points if you want, but frankly life’s too short.

This is massively exciting and even the strong likelihood that the winner will next week be playing in the one place where it isn’t pissing it down isn’t going to ruin this for us.

Also, while we do understand the thinking behind bonus points, they should still get rid of them. If you actually have to write things down to work out how exciting the run-in to a major competition is, then the complexities are doing more harm than good.


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  1. So the question on every cricket fan’s lips next week will be:

    Lancashire, Kent, Durham – which is the shittest?

    (Trust me. It will be on EVERY cricket fan’s lips. Aggers will ask it on The Today Programme on the first morning of the matches.)

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