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Younus Khan’s record is even more remarkable when you consider that he seemingly makes contact with most deliveries while airborne. We made this observation on Twitter and Karthik pointed us in the direction of the Airborne Younis Khan Tumblr, which is rather delightful (and also reminds us of a time when the internet was a joyous land of minutiae rather than whatever the hell it is now).

We half suspect that Younus has mastered batting to such an extent that he deliberately hops around to try and hoodwink the bowlers into thinking they’re getting somewhere. However, it seems more likely that his compulsion to launch himself skywards is a genuine reaction when he’s troubled.

“This particular delivery hasn’t bounced exactly as I expected to,” he appears to think in the split second between the ball pitching and arriving. “I’d better climb into the air,” he then concludes.

‘In the air’ isn’t a conventionally secure place from which to play a dangerous delivery, but it seems to work for Younus.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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    1. When someone’s contorting like that they don’t need a cricketing reason, Sam. It’s all about the spectacle, and that is indeed one of those.

  1. Ed Smith Writer and Tuffers are talking about his “flamingo leaves” now. Interesting contrast: Smith talking about “stretching the quadriceps on his right leg”, Tufnell talking about the “Botafogo” and the “New Yorker” and throwing in Strictly terminology.

    Aaaaah, TMS.

  2. The internet is still a joyous land of minutiae sometimes, especially if you know where (not) to look.

  3. Ged’s back.

    As in returned.

    From the home of cricket in NW8 to his home in W2.

    Still wiping the dew from his eyes, he is, still wiping the dew from his eyes.

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