A fun cricket game

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More fun than adding a zero to your IPL contractWhat a match. A victory for cricket being about hitting a ball with a bat as well, not it being about some middle-aged men in suits planning what car to buy next – which is what the game can often feel like these days.

Nobody cares about your status symbols, grey men, because your status is immeasurably lower than the guys in white who make your money for you. The cricketers made this a match to remember and our only disappointment is that it didn’t come down to tail-enders to make the winning runs. There’s nothing better than a lengthy, hard-fought professional sports match being decided by a couple of blokes who are shit. It’s cricket’s great spectacle.

No matter. It was a great match all the same. People tried to hit the stumps with the ball and other people stopped them using bats. At the end, everyone said ‘hurray, that was fun’ whether they’d won or lost. Well, maybe the England players thought it was fun except for the last bit, but they’d probably concede that it was fun overall.

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