England’s batting card and score

It’s rare that a side scores 299 in a one-day international and yet has such an underwhelming batting card. Who got the runs? Somehow, it was no-one.

To be fair, Eoin Morgan’s 58 off 41 balls was pretty eye-catching, but it still falls slightly short of significance somehow, particularly after England rather inevitably failed to defend that total.

The steady, everyone-gets-double-figures nature of that batting card made more sense for the brief period later in the game when Dimitri Mascarenhas and Ravi Bopara were bowling in tandem. England are clearly working to the New Zealand template: everyone bats (a bit) and everyone bowls (medium pace).

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8 Appeals

  1. “England are clearly working to the New Zealand template: everyone bats (a bit) and everyone bowls (medium pace).”

    Well, like NZ, you have to learn how to make use of limited talent…

  2. “England … everyone bats (a bit) and everyone bowls (medium pace).”

    Sounds like a team of all-rounders.
    Sounds like a cricket team designed like a camel.

  3. And everyone is rubbish at fielding.

  4. The difference being that NZ are actually a half-decent one day side, perennial semi-finalists in the big tournaments……..whereas England are pants. Who / where are our match-winners?

  5. Words of Hadlee: “I can be 30,000 miles up in the air and still see a car driving on the road, and can’t see a golf hole.”

    You wonder why anyone bothers with satellites..

  6. England are not pants. Well, Joe Denly at least is No Pants.

  7. NZ match-winners: Taylor, McCullum, Oram, Vettori

    England…..ummmm……..KP when he’s fit?

  8. Just wait till that 40 over stuff goes international………..

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