Haseeb Hameed might carry his bat

England are still very much in the market for a Test opener, you feel. Mark Stoneman is making a fist of things, but they’d quite like another top order batsman or two to take to Australia.

At the time of writing, Lancashire are four wickets down but Haseeb Hameed is still holding firm. We wouldn’t bet against him carrying his bat – although neither would we put much money on him breaching 20 even if he manages it.

When Shivnarine Chanderpaul makes 23 of the runs in a 24-run partnership, you can be fairly certain that the guy at the other end hasn’t really been looking to impose himself on the bowlers.

Doubtless this is the right approach though. Haseeb Hameed is not a blocker, so if he’s playing that way then it’s surely for very good reason.

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17 Appeals

  1. 11 from 93 balls as I write… a strike rate of 11… Great stuff.

  2. Not sure if someone has already said this, but To-Ro-Jo (in) Fo’ Wo'(akes).

  3. 85 not out out of a 230 odd. Does this mean he’s back?

    • King Cricket

      September 7, 2017 at 9:11 am

      It’ll be interesting to see the opposition score to gauge that innings. Or are we out of time?

  4. I see Bangladesh are committing plate-seppuku again.

    • Maybe if the last few can stick around long enough they could set Aus an embarrassingly low target should they fail to reach it… that would be my preferred outcome anyway.

  5. Well, it’s been an eventful day, 14 wickets falling and not as many runs as some might have expected, but Vanuatu have qualified for Division 4 of the WCL.

    Meanwhile, Ben Stokes was Making Things Happen at Lord’s.

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