Having Eoin Morgan in the Test team is no bad thing

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Not sure if this opinion is even a slightly different shade of grey to the one the other day.

Morgan or Bopara? Sounds like it was close. The national selector, Geoff Miller, said:

“The controlled innings that Eoin played just gave him the nod.”

When a batsman is being picked to play against Sri Lanka, scoring 193 against Sri Lanka will advance your cause.

We’re not sure why Ravi Bopara neglected to score 193 against Sri Lanka, but in hindsight, that was an error.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Bopara probably felt that if Collingwood was playing in the tests, he’d score about 17 scratchy runs and bowl a couple of overs before tea, so that’s what he demonstrated to the selectors.

  2. Bopara’s strength is clearly batting. If he chucks bowling out the window and concentrates on getting more runs, he’d be a damn fine test player. As a man who has no idea of his recent form in either department, I cannot stress this enough. Oh, and cutting down on those chicken tikka masalas would also help.

    PS: Cricket has seen many average batsman trying to hold on to their place by claiming they are average bowlers as well (Amarnath, Mudassar Nazar etc.). Bopara is a much better batsman than them. The only people that should be recognized as all-rounders are men like Khan and Dev – they could bowl like crazy and also bat a bit.

  3. Bopara is no more an all-rounder than Gooch. He’s a batsman who can also be a bit of a golden-arm at times.

    Scarily, in wondering about Essex allrounders, I just looked at his record and it compares unfavourably to Ronnie Irani’s.

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