Howzat internet cricket game launched

We did a preview of Howzat a few weeks ago. Just to let you know, it’s live now, so you can give it a go for yourselves.

It’s free, if that’s what you’re wondering.

Play Howzat and let us know what you think.

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13 Appeals

  1. pretty good. it makes a change to play against real people rather than a computer, you can actually try to play mind games with them.

    so far i am rubbish.

    the gameplay is pretty simplistic, particularly the bowling which seems to rely purely on bowling yorkers.

  2. King Cricket

    November 18, 2009 at 5:09 pm

    The idea seems to be that as you win matches and gain experience, you can swing and seam the ball more.

    And persistent yorkers will earn you less experience from what we understand.

  3. How do you practice bowling? At the moment I’m relying on a Saj Mahmoud “spray it all over the place while pressing lots of buttons” method, when what I want is to be good.

    I did hit a six in my first game against a real person though, so I’ll be going back.

  4. The game is super addictive. I have seen bowling yorkers actually doesn’t help. It is the easiest ball to hit for fours and sixes. As in real cricket, good length bowling is the best way to go.

  5. disappointing. Thought was a version of the old classic involving the two metal rollers c1972.

  6. Looks pretty interesting but the practice takes too long to get a grip, perhaps should bat/bowl faster to get practice and provide a bit more info on exactly what to do. I think the initial learning curve is perhaps a little high? Maybe this is to exclude casual gamers like myself. I played one game and first ball (which I have no idea how I bowled) was caught. The other player left in disgust!
    I’m used to games where you press once to start (backswing) and again to hit – the difference gives you the strength. I think I keep hitting z/x for the backswing by mistake, finding it hard to time. As for bowling? I’m useless.

  7. I think I’ll stick to top trumps, more my level.

  8. I take it back. I didn’t realise the little oblong circle was the aiming point for the bowler – soon as I realised that I’ve been having heaps of fun! Haven’t tried bowling yet, though.

  9. I am struggling against spin

  10. @Bobby – Try the cover drive and on drive against spin. They are lethal.

  11. Loving this game so far. I especially love pitching the ball well outside leg and still getting LBWs. They should probably fix that at some point, but only after I’ve frustrated a few more people up with it!

  12. this game is awesome!!!!!!!!! Even my parents like it.
    i usually like delivering short balls at stomach levels.and my favourite batting is full toss/beamer

  13. Yes, This game is extremely fanatical. I have been playing a yorkers ball actually it does not help. It is so easy to hit for four legs and sixes. I like this game so much.

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