Jake Ball: first look in Test cricket

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We don’t believe you can draw meaningful conclusions from debut performances – but we report on them anyway.

Google does currently appear to be conflating Jake Ball with the Welsh rugby player of the same name. The cricket one’s tall, but we’re pretty sure he doesn’t weigh 121kg. Our first impressions indicate that he will eventually be recognised in his own right, however.

We’ve already mentioned that Ball’s tall and assuming he’s not actually 121kg, that’s an advantage too. Other than that, he swung it a little, seamed it a bit, and didn’t really bowl any dross. He bowled at new-young-England-seam-bowler pace (87mph) and didn’t look particuarly arsed about being asked to open the bowling for England.

Ball doesn’t stand out as having any particular quality that would elevate him above all other bowlers, but then if you took one look at Stuart Broad you’d probably conclude much the same about him.

So, in summary: all good.


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  1. Agreed; Ball looks OK.

    Unlikely to play in the next match, though, with Anderson and Stokes both available.

    Also, did I hear a rumour that Ball picked up a niggle in the test match, or am I getting confused?

    1. There was indeed talk of a niggle.

      You rarely need to drop a fast bowler these days. There’s always at least one who could do with a rest.

    2. ‘Minor thigh injury’, I’d heard.

      If he is going to be around in the team for a while, I’m going to have to build up the strength to avoid immediately wincing every time I see a headline with ‘Ball’ and ‘injury’ in it, particularly if there’s any torsion involved.

  2. This Trescothick chap seems to be having a good season. Think they should take a look at him instead of Vince?

    1. Since he retired from international cricket (or at least, stopped playing – think the official retirement was a couple of years later)

      148 matches
      12,434 runs
      Average of 52.91
      57 x 50’s
      39 (!) x 100’s

      An absolute weapon.

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