Kyle Jamieson looks a useful and very slightly frightening bowler to have about the place

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In Tim Southee and Trent Boult, New Zealand have textbook new ball bowlers who disagree on which arm to use. This is a useful starting point when trying to bowl out the opposition.

After that, they have the finest old ball bowler around, The Great Neil Wagner. Wagner is a man who will whang left-arm bouncers at your armpit from every conceivable angle at unpredictable pace and he will keep on doing that until you get tired because he never will.

What kind of seam bowler could you possibly want after those three? How about a giant who bowls like Makhaya Ntini?

We’ve not yet seen a great deal of Kyle Jamieson, but from what we’ve seen, we’ve already concluded two things:

  1. He likes knocking back off stump with balls that don’t seem to have any right hitting off stump
  2. He is built like Chris Tremlett

Tremlett was something of an oddity as a bowler. For a man who had apparently developed some sort of human growth hormone disorder and could no longer fit in human clothes, he actually bowled fairly sedately.

Don’t get us wrong. He bowled very effectively (53 Test wickets at 27 in case you’re wondering), it’s just his 81mph accuracy didn’t really seem to fit his upturned Great Pyramid of Giza physique.

Jamieson seems to have a similar modus operandi. We suppose that if the batsman’s scared half to death by the mere sight of you, there’s little to be gained from scaring him further. You may as well just proceed straight to the pinning-back-his-stumps finishing move.


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  1. New Zealand’s 4 pronged attack looks like pretty deadly at the moment.
    Its about time England had a Test series vs New Zealand in England. And there needs to be at least 3 tests not this pathetic 2 Test match series.

    1. New Zealand don’t tour nearly enough compared to a big 3 team. On the other hand we probably get away with a bit more as our bowlers dont often need to be rested or injured.

  2. The first person that came to mind after reading the article was Rahkeem Cornwall. A giant of a man (in a different sort of way to Jamieson) and seems to be fairly good. Playing 3 tests and getting 13 wickets at 35.23 and just looking at him, you wouldn’t think he could get such figures

    1. Wow, the scorecards for her last 3 matches, from their series against the Philippines, are “interesting”. It is a bit dodgy this sort of stuff gets recorded as official internationals, setting all kinds of weird records when clearly the sides are nowhere near matched.

      1. No, it should be normal that these get recorded as internationals and we get off our high horse about what does and doesn’t ‘count’.

  3. I enjoyed being able to watch NZ v WI for free on YouTube, even if only for a couple of hours every evening before having to go to sleep to avoid being more than ordinarily useless at work.

  4. Looking at the Philippines Women v Indonesian Women games, one match had, wait for it, 58 extras. 42 wides, 13 no-balls, 1 leg bye and 2 byes. Another match, 41 extras with 37 wides, 3 no-balls and just 1 leg bye. Another match Philippines Women got 15 runs with no batswomen scoring more than three and and five batswomen getting out for ducks.

    You wonder why they don’t go to the match and mix the teams up to make it evenly matched. Or try and play Indonesian Women against Philippines Men and see how that plays out.

    1. All of the figures are for the Indonesian Women except the bit that specifically says about the Philippines Womens score.
      Just for clarification

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