Matthew Hayden: the batsman, the weapon, the legend

Matthew Hayden may have scored 42 runs in four innings, but according to him, it’s the WAY that he’s scored those runs that has been so vital to Australia’s ongoing success…

“I think, more than anything, I am such a weapon here, because when I started attacking, they just got so defensive.”

What kind of a weapon would that be, Matthew? A water pistol? A plastic sword? An imaginary laser?

Thanks to Dada for sending us this glorious quote.

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10 Appeals

  1. Oh my god, he really is an idiot. How the hell does he dress himself in the morning?

    From the same interview:

    “I want to be strong at the ball and give myself the best chance to hit the ball. I am at a stage of the tour where I have hit a lot of the balls. I am confident with my hands and my feet.”

    It’s good to know he’s confident with his hands and feet. It’d be awful to wake up in the morning only to find your extremities had deserted you.

  2. Gah! I was going to send you that quote, but didn’t. And then I get beaten to the comment by someone who has the same name as me.

    It’s like I’m totally superfluous to this whole discussion.

  3. Maybe he means a different sort of weapon, and he’s finally admitting to being a giant penis.

  4. When did Hayden turn into Laurence Elderbrook?

  5. I admire him.
    You all admire him.

  6. “I am confident with my hands and my feet.” He seems to be confident with his mouth too, pity.

  7. If you class a tool as a weapon, “I am such a tool here” would be very appropriate.

  8. the curry and the chicken tikka has really messed up the big boys head.

    ‘Im confident with my hands’ – Lets put this to his wife shall we ?

  9. Hayden like the rest of the cry babies of the Oz team seems to have foot in the mouth disease. They never miss a chance to show how badly they’re infected with it, the latest being at the royal thrashing they’re receiving in India.

  10. King Cricket should come out with a book on Hayden’s quotes.

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