Mop-up of the day – an overreaction checklist

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We’ve produced a valuable guide just in case any England fans aren’t overreacting sufficiently. It can be found over at Cricinfo. Tick all the boxes and you too can call yourself a true England supporter.

Andy Caddick’s ears

Sam was greatly disappointed that they didn’t get a mention in another recent Cricinfo piece of ours which focused on the 2000 Test series between England and the West Indies. The article’s about hope really.

The Kingdom conquers

The Kingdom, this website’s mini-league in the All Out Cricket fantasy league, is supplying the first and seventh ranked sides in the whole competition. Balladeer’s Bhangra-Morris Fusion side have danced their way to the top spot, while Patrick’s p = mv are seventh.

We feel this reflects on us well, but as we said in the comments section yesterday, we can do better. Come on, everyone! Accurately predict cricket within the fantasy game’s defined parameters!

Cryptic crossword news

Those of you who read all of the comments will have known about the above. Those of you who receive the email and never actually read the comments, you’re missing out – they’re the best bit.

For example, you also missed a link to Bert’s Tour de France cryptic crossword. It’s nothing to do with cricket, but we know quite a lot of people who read this site enjoy his efforts and so thought we should draw attention to it.

Sri Lanka v South Africa

Dale Steyn’s class, isn’t he? We were worried he was on the wane a bit, but after taking 9-99 in the first Test, he’s doing it again in the second. Or at least he was at the time of writing. Those Sri Lankan pitches, hey? They’re no place for quick bowlers.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Don’t worry, your majesty. At some point England’s “quicks”, or even the devastating Ishant Sharma, will come play in the SCC and get nothing out of the pitch, and then it’ll be no place for quick bowlers again.

  2. Andrew Caddick’s Ears would be a decent band name. I’m thinking soft rock in the style of Creme Brulee.

  3. In other news, this is painfully hilarious.

    My favourite bits include:

    “Would I have had more success if I’d batted at No.6 on a regular basis? I probably would have done.”

    “I had a phenomenal season and felt aggrieved when I didn’t get picked for the Ashes that winter.”

    “I don’t think there were any plans to drop me and I could easily have played on but I knew the time had come.”

    1. No-one can ask himself a question quite like Nick Knight. The difference here is that he has some sort of opinion. Normally he asks himself a question and then sits on the fence.

      We secretly rather enjoy it when he does that.

    2. What about: “I believe I should have gone, but that’s how the cookie crumbles. Maybe I’d have been found out technically again. Who knows?”

      That’s not sitting on the fence, it’s being tangled in the thing.

  4. Ashamed to come up ~50 points short of bringing home the Kingdom’s second Trion:Z band.

    I was in third place at Lord’s at the conclusion of the Test, but I guess the other sides leveraged their X-factor to nip ahead.

  5. Is something wrong with the Cricinfo readership? No one, not one, has failed to spot the sarcasm. Has everyone but your majesty’s following stopped using that site?

    1. Don’t worry, Shalabh: ram4crictheory has filled that void in fine two-post fashion.

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