Outstanding Ashes bet

Bert writes:

I have a standing bet of twelve bottles of red wine on the Ashes with an Aussie mate, so I sent him this picture this morning – nothing else, no comment, no title. I find that gloating is best done in a minimalist way.

And 18 months to empty the space for next time

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10 Appeals

  1. Oh God. I’m so depressed

  2. You’re an amateur gloater. Pros don’t explain.

  3. Top gloating, Bert.

    Will it be Australian wine, or are you likely to get something a little more civilised?

  4. Excellent! 😀

    But I wouldn’t advise having the same bet with a South African any time soon.

  5. It will be Australian wine. I like to go for my mate’s favourite wines, as this gives me the opportunity to tell him exactly what he is missing everytime I open one. As he is a Strayan, all his favourite wines are Strayan too.

    I entered into this standing bet in 2002, so I’m currently losing 36-24. Only twelve bottles down – imagine saying that in 2002.

    Any suggestions for great Aussie wines are most welcome (price no object, ha, ha, ha).

  6. There is a marvellous wine from voyager estates from the margaret river.

    It’s lovely
    It will keep for another 20 years
    It’s rather expensive
    It’s named after me

  7. Thanks for the suggestion, Price, but I might pick you up on point 2. It most certainly will not!

  8. I meant “could”, if you so desired

    I also forgot the link:


  9. So your first name really isn’t “Half” then?

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