Outstanding Ashes bet

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Bert writes:

I have a standing bet of twelve bottles of red wine on the Ashes with an Aussie mate, so I sent him this picture this morning – nothing else, no comment, no title. I find that gloating is best done in a minimalist way.

And 18 months to empty the space for next time


  1. Top gloating, Bert.

    Will it be Australian wine, or are you likely to get something a little more civilised?

  2. It will be Australian wine. I like to go for my mate’s favourite wines, as this gives me the opportunity to tell him exactly what he is missing everytime I open one. As he is a Strayan, all his favourite wines are Strayan too.

    I entered into this standing bet in 2002, so I’m currently losing 36-24. Only twelve bottles down – imagine saying that in 2002.

    Any suggestions for great Aussie wines are most welcome (price no object, ha, ha, ha).

  3. There is a marvellous wine from voyager estates from the margaret river.

    It’s lovely
    It will keep for another 20 years
    It’s rather expensive
    It’s named after me

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