Stick Cricket now available on Android

Remember when androids were interesting?

Not as good as android cricket now being available on a stick.

Yes, that’s right, today’s entire King Cricket offering is a limp one line joke based around our love of robots and our luddite attitude to mobile phones.

We haven’t even explained what Stick Cricket is or included a link. That’s how lazy we are.

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6 Appeals

  1. Hit every ball for six.

    Pretty much sums up what every cricket fan wants to see.

    • Very true, Sam. They’ve obviously employed Lalit Modi as a consultant. What I don’t understand is why they haven’t merged the name when the opportunity is staring them in the face:

      Stick Cricket


      which given their advertising line is coincidentally what I would suggest they can do with it.

    • “I’m a million percent behind executing my skillsets towards promoting a lifestyle based on the funtertainment of sticket.”
      – Matthew Hayden

  2. Cor, been years since I last played Stick Cricket.

  3. I’ve played this game and it’s actually very hard to hit every ball for six.

    Now, what was this press release about?

  4. AT

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