The art of getting thrashed Somerset style

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Warwickshire players celebrating one of the day's 14 wickets

If you’re going to get thrashed, do the job properly. Do it Somerset style. Somerset lost to Warwickshire by an innings and 382 runs.

It was an extremely impressive performance from Somerset. Extremely impressive. Any team can concede 642 and any team can then get bowled out for 210, but to then get bowled out for 50 in 88 balls? That’s something.

Gemaal Hussain’s debut

We’ve read in several places that Somerset have ‘strengthened’ their bowling attack with the addition of Gemaal Hussain.


We’re not saying that out of malice, we just don’t really see why anyone would think that he’s a man who’ll take Somerset to the title. It’s not like he’s Dale Steyn.

Hussain was the leading wicket taker in the second division last year, but he knows that means nothing, so he moved to Somerset.

This was his debut. He took 1-154 off 28 overs and that was the best bit. He also managed to record a pair inside 90 minutes.

That is heart-warming haplessness. We like him. He strikes us as being the kind of man who could lock himself out of his own house twice on the same day.

We’ve done that. All the greats have done it.


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  1. Didn’t one of the Somerset players get a king pair within an hour or something truly spectacular like that?

    Makes you weep with joy. If a job’s worth doing…

  2. Last Sheffield Shield season, Tasmania managed to lose a match after bowling out the Redbacks in the first innings for something like 52 or so.

    Have Somerset topped that? I’m not sure.

  3. It’s all your fault, KC, as I am sure you’ve realised by now. When Somerset were cruising to a single-point victory in the County Championship last year, they might have had a glance at the Lancs – Notts scorecard and thought “Cripes, if Notts take just one more wicket they will jolly well pip us to the post.” Batting for Lancs at the time was none other than Shivnarine Chanderpaul. I have it on good authority that Marcus Trescothick had opened the Pomagne already, and that when someone questioned this, he said “He was Lord Megachief of Gold twice running, and that will do for me sunshine.” Clearly this false state of security that you created has led to a collapse of the mental toughness needed for early-season county championship matches. I hope you’re proud of yourself.

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