The autumnal cricketing wasteland

Autumn isn't depressing, it isn't, it isn't, don't cry, it isn't

It’s not the English cricket season and it’s not yet the Ashes. People aren’t interested in cricket at this time of year, but that’s why we started this site; for the days when the newspapers don’t feature a single cricket article.

The good news is we’ll be ticking over as normal for the next month or so and we’ll have match reports and the like. The bad news is that we’ll also have a short series by Laurence Elderbrook, updating us on what he’s been up to.

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8 Appeals

  1. Is anyone reviewing David Lloyd’s Start The Car Tour? Seems he anticipated this malaise better than us all.

  2. If only there were an overly lengthy limited-overs tournament to talk about. Isn’t there normally one of those lying around?

  3. It’s worse than that this year. An autumnal two test “series” between India and Oz.

    TWO TESTS IS NOT A SERIES. Don’t get me started.

    Maybe Laurence Elderbrook is the answer to all our problems this autumn.

  4. King Cricket

    September 28, 2010 at 1:25 pm

    If there is any question to which Laurence Elderbrook is the answer, you’ve hit a very, very low point indeed and merely require the gentlest of shoves to help you decide to cut your losses and end it all.

  5. The long dark teatime of the cricket season with not even a cricketer on strictly to keep us going.

  6. I have a very serious illness called post-cricket season stress disorder.

    It’s no laughing matter. It isn’t pleasant for anyone who comes into contact with me

  7. Cruel words, KC.

    Some of us are relying on Laurence for inspiration, comfort and solace in these difficult times.

    These are our last vestiges of hope.

    The only alternative is Bergman movies and Leonard Cohen albums.

    Help us!!

  8. Laurence is KP post-about 2008

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