Two dogs being conspicuously indifferent to cricket

Dandy Dan writes:

These are my two labs, George and Rufus.

George and Rufus

They’re just over one year old. I’ve been meaning to introduce them for a while but I’ve been busy.

Anyway, their thoughts about Gary Ballance being dropped are difficult to ascertain.

Loss of Ballance

They simply don’t appear to be interested.

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14 Appeals

  1. Now this is more like it. Well played, Dandy Dan.

    Nice rug, by the way. Excellent floor coverage you’ve got there.

  2. Had the cone hats of shame they are wearing in the first pic proved fatal?

    • Wow. I missed the hats. I had to go back up to check out what the hell you were talking about. Maybe I’m just conspicuously indifferent to party hats?

  3. I glad that, like me, everyone else is finding it hard to resist punning every time Gary Ballance’s name crops up. That’s two references in two posts (albeit one in the comments).

  4. The rug really ties the room together

  5. Thanks price. I bought it from a man in a yurt when I was back packing in Mongolia on my gap year.

    It was a big back pack.

    • You’ve got your story about the acquisition of the rug off to a tee, Dandy Dan.

      “…and where did you get this rug, Sir”.

      “I bought it off a man in a yurt, officer.”

      As for the hounds, I fear they might be tripping out rather than tripped up, perhaps as a result of sniffing or licking some illicit substances that had been wrapped inside and leaked onto the rug, while it was in the hands of some previous owner, of course.

      Which labrador is George and which is Rufus? I don’t feel I’m getting to know them properly without that additional detail.

      But in all other respects a wonderful, comprehensive feature, Dandy Dan. Two animals displaying indifference to cricket for the price of one. I love a bargain. As, judging by the rug, do you. Well done.

    • In the top picture Rufus is on the right and George the left.

      In the bottom picture this is reversed.

    • Thanks Dan, that’s very helpful.

      George bears more than a passing resemblance to Ricky Ponting, whereas Rufus has the slightly more grizzled/hangdog Mark Taylor look about him.

  6. Meanwhile, in the land down under, two joeys behaving conspicuously like David Warner in a bar and/or Ian Chapelli in a car park:

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