Virat Kohli is officially up and running

Virat Kohli in different clothes

Not sure what organisation or body deems a player to be ‘up and running’. We’re going to try and decree it ourself and hope that it sticks.

But what do we mean by ‘up and running’? Virat Kohli’s just about the best one-day batsman in the world and he’s been around for pure time now. Why are we only now getting around to making this outlandish and hugely controversial statement?

It’s because he’s scored a Test hundred in South Africa and it seems to us that this might represent the final step in his fairly inevitable journey into the top tier of batsmen. Flatelaide and three Indian cricket grounds have seen Kohli Test hundreds previously, but this one’s a different beast. He’s now the batsman you worry about, no matter where you’re playing.

England host India next year. Magic.

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11 Appeals

  1. A fascinating day of balanced cricket, played in good spirit with an ebb and flow, players showing skill, character, character. Steyn was dangerous, Morkel impressively precise, Kallis ageless. Tahrir was shocking, and his looseness meant an awful lot of work for the ZA bowlers. Philander was unusually short, while never really bowling poorly. Kohli was excellent in adjusting to all of this – left, defended, played and missed at the good ones, despatched the bad ones.

    Far superior to any day’s play the Ashes has produced so far. Next summer is going to present a shocking contrast of the state of two cricketing nations.

  2. Kohli is a bit of a tool, but he does have the attitude that will see him succeed. This quote impressed me: “I always had it in mind that we were all going to get short stuff unless you attack them. So rather get out playing your shots than fishing outside the off stump”

    Of course if he was playing in a losing Ashes team that sort of attitude would be labeled irresponsible, stupid, and all other sorts of other interesting adjectives.

    • @Micko: A little bit of toolness never hurt anyone. Ricky Ponting is a great example.
      Completely agree with your comment about the Ashes. Shows how one-eyed Ashes journalism can be.

    • It would have been labeled irresponsible, stupid, and all other sorts of other interesting adjectives in this case too if he had gotten out sooner – like Dhawan was. That attitude is only admired when it comes off.

  3. What is “pure time”? Is it available in Waitrose?

    • yes, i was wondering about that

    • King Cricket

      December 20, 2013 at 7:56 am

      Pure time is definitely available at malfunctioning self-service checkouts at Sainsbury’s.

      It just means ‘ages’. As in: “Ah man, England haven’t scored decent first innings runs in pure time.”

  4. How does Tahir fit into your stance that every test team should have at least one spinner?

    • Not sure about a spinner, but every team should definitely have a Chanderpaul.

    • Every team should have at lease one spinner. But, when playing against India – make sure that the spinner picked is an attacking option rather than one to hold up an end. Both might get hit for runs but the attacking spinner at least gets some returns.

      (I don’t consider Tahir as much of an attacking spinner – though SA’s next choice must be Robin Peterson who in comparison is the defensive spinner)

    • Every team needs one spinner at all times*. Beyond that depends on conditions.

      * so the captain isn’t fined and banned for a slow over rate

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