What have India made of their first Test innings in South Africa?

Dale Steyn experiences balls-related incident

A balls. They have made a balls of their first Test innings in South Africa. 136-9 is a rubbish score for a side that relies so heavily on its batting, whatever the conditions.

Is ‘Steyn and Morkel’ a thing yet, like ‘Wasim and Waqar’ or ‘Lillee and Thomson’? It’s probably a fair way off those in terms of reputation, but it must at least be a thing.

Hopefully Sreesanth and Sharma (definitely not a thing) will do summat similar tomorrow and we’ll get one of those hell-for-leather careering Test matches where someone should be man of the match for making 32 not out in the fourth innings.

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7 Appeals

  1. Felt like highlights from 2002 India in NZ…

    I say India should have declared and had a go at the SA batsmen. Even so I think we should be eying a lead of 40 or so…

  2. If India can get atleast to 175, then remove the SA openers early, it will be a fun contest…

  3. Dale Steyn looks like a southern hemisphere version of Munch’s “The Scream” in that photo:


    And talking of The Munch’s – is this to be the TTNT tonight and what’s on the nibbles menu?

  4. Ged – What does it say about me that I read that as “TMNT tonight” on the first three attempts?

  5. Really think KC should set up a forum for TTNT

  6. Thanks KC for reminding me that other cricket is happening outside of Australia at the moment.

  7. demand for KC to set up a forum +1.

    And as for India being 139-9 at the end of the first day of the first test, my question would be
    “When was the last time India did not start off badly ?”

    Always have been bad starters (even in India).
    Almost losing the first test to Australia, losing the first test in sri lanka, drew the first test against south africa (losing the first one in the previous series at home). Dhoni holding off until rain intervened in England..

    The only time India did do the first test well (sreesanth swinging like a mad man), we lost the series hopelessly.

    Now I am not a man of superstition, but from statistics
    if India does lose the first test, I will not be too worried.

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