When did Kolkata become dibbly-dobbly military-medium paradise?

Wriddiham Saha talks prevailing winds (via BCCI Twitter)

If you were India and had access to a time-and-place machine capable of replacing a nearby patch of land with one from elsewhere and elsewhen, then when and where would you choose to play Sri Lanka at Test cricket?

It’s unlikely that you answered ‘Derby last April’ but that is apparently what the nominally home team decided. There’s been swing and seam aplenty. In a match blighted by rain and bad light, India are 74-5. They’ve been dobbled.

We’ll be watching the rest of this match with interest – if only to see whether any Derbyshire players breach the walls of the portal and inadvertently saunter into Kolkata/the future.

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4 Appeals

  1. Did I dream it, or did Che Pujara play for Derbyshire for a bit? Maybe he is the key to this whole mystery

    • He’s certainly mastered the conditions relative to his peers.

      A quite exceptional Cricketer Spotted in today’s Badger, btw.

  2. I worry that some Derbyshire players might find themselves quite exposed by Test cricket.

    On the other hand, that club does have some fine, upstanding members.

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