Australian cricketing cragginess Venn diagram

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It’s the feature that never took off!

It's Brad Haddin's 'thing' - everyone's got a 'thing'

There’s a smooth-skinned, hairless-chested quality to the Aussie team these days, although we’ve high hopes that Peter Siddle will one day attain the status of ‘gnarl dog’.

For the record, Simon Katich is merely ‘hairy’.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. The only thing I could think of was that ‘gnarl dog’ meant ‘dumb blond and doesn’t care who knows it’, but therefore so is Shane Watson.

  2. I noticed in the extract from Hayden’s “autobiography” that somebody provided a link to the other day, that the big man ruefully recalled how the New Generation (i.e. losers) prefer drinking shorts to beer and wrestling wild pigs. I think there is some scope to expand the diagram to include this.

  3. Pretty sure the ‘scented candle lovers’ circle would cross the ‘current Australian cricketers’ one but not the ‘gnarl dogs’ one.

  4. The Venn diagrams “Things Matthew Hayden Says” and “Things That Are True” have no point of intersection. Hayden is a wine buff who prefers a delicately sauteed salmon fillet in a white wine sauce to a meat pie. Is he trying to present himself as Andrew Symonds?

    I strongly suspect that the Venn diagrams “Things Andrew Symonds Likes” and “Things Matthew Hayden Likes” also have no point of intersection, despite the latter one containing Matthew Hayden.

  5. It is hard to understand why this feature did not hit the ground running. I do love a good Venn diagram.

    Also, is this true, or has one of your millions of readers been messing with John Venn’s wikipedia entry?

    “Venn also had a rare skill in building machines. He used his skill to build a machine for bowling cricket balls, which was so good that when the Austrailian Cricket team visited Cambridge in 1909, Venn’s machine clean bowled one of it top stars 4 times.”

  6. Venn’s machine could bowl Marcus North 4 times. Three of these times, he would have not played a shot. The 5th time, with his place under pressure, he would score a hundred off the machine after someone had turned the speed down.

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