A cricket bat on the cover of Vogue

Warning: The following does feature a photograph of an actual woman.

Ankit says:

The attached picture is of Preity Zinta, a Bollywood starlet, with a cricket bat, on the cover of Vogue! I thought that was quite an unusual place for a cricket bat to be.

Preity Zinta and a cricket bat

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25 Appeals

  1. i think i speak for all of us when i say HOT DAMN

  2. Indeed, that is one of the finest pieces of willow I have ever seen.

  3. That’s old school. Thin edges, graceful curves, I bet it’s got beautiful pick up.

    The bat looks a bit old though.

  4. Wonder what grade of wood that is.

  5. If you look really really carefully at the picture, after a while you can see a cricket bat.

  6. I bet she’s got lovely soft hands and strong wrists.

  7. I’m assuming that this is Vogue India, on the basis that a woman of colour on the cover of Vogue UK or US would be an unusual sight indeed.

    Also, Preity Zinta, how do I get skin like yours, please? Thank you.

  8. Jesus, imagine if she possessed Robin Smith type forearms below that photoline…

  9. Considering she part owns an IPL team, it’s not quite an unusual place for the bat. If you insist, I’d say it should’ve been between the boobs for it to be unusual. Would’ve been nice too.

  10. I concur with David

  11. Good lord. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful picture of a bat!

  12. Miriam, to get such skin, I would recommend that you have your face constantly photoshopped…

  13. Moisturize, stay of the sun and drink water.
    Any other requests?

  14. It’s amazing how a woman can look at least 30% hotter just by picking up some sporting equipment. Unless it’s a 100kg weight, anyway.

    For example, I tuned into the India vs England Women’s World Cup match a few evenings ago, and was utterly smitten by Mithali Raj. Having seen a few pictures of her since, she’s pretty enough…but would I look twice if I saw her walking down the street? Probably not.

    Stick her in a cricket hat though, playing a cover drive, and she becomes hot.

    This probably says a lot more about me (and my shallow objectifying of the fair sex) than it does about anything else. Bugger.

  15. That should read ‘objectification’, of course. I’ve been in too many meetings with Americans recently.

  16. Too many meetings with Americans – i.e. more than none?

  17. Mahinda, the Mithali Raj thing is because she has a cover drive more beautiful than Heidi Klum, Freida Pinto and Angelina Jolie combined.

  18. Mahinda, You are only smitten with raj because she has the sexiest technique ever, and was once a ballerina.

  19. I’m trying to work out how to describe the shot she is playing.

    The periscope?

  20. Thank you KC, for the letting the picture be displayed, i almost forgot about having sent it!

  21. OT: Bert, I just discovered your comment in the momentum post about an adiabatic fielding performance and using entropy against the opposition, etc.

    That was hilarious, comment of the year to date. I wish I’d seen it earlier.

  22. miriam – i need to know how you came to see Heidi Klum’s cover drive…..

    And as for that Jolie woman, well I know she’s been the inspiration for many a man to crack one through the covers.

  23. King Cricket

    March 15, 2009 at 11:04 pm

    We really feel like we should have heard that pun long before now, but we haven’t.

  24. There is a reason why I support Kings XI Punjab in the IPL 🙂

  25. wolf — what, you mean, beyond the wicked dance moves?

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