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We wrote a wilfully opaque piece about Australia’s chief selector for Cricinfo which doesn’t once mention cricket. We like to do the mass appeal crowd-pleasing stuff.

We think it’s quite good though. One of our better ones. We wrote it drunk, which has led to some pretty revolutionary ideas about how we can improve our productivity at the day job. Can’t wait to put them forward next week. We’re sure they’ll go down well.

Our only concern about the Hilditch piece is that we may have overrated Nathan Hauritz in it. See what you think.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Great stuff.

    But now Hauritz is crocked, I suppose that is the equivalent of Hilditch dropping the tasty prawn sandwich and accidentally treading on it.

    Or perhaps toasting it and then realising that it is not a sandwich that lends itself to toasting.

    I don’t think you are overating Hauritz, but you are perhaps underating cheese sandwiches.

  2. Well, do you wake up in the morning smelling like cheap whiskey and proceed to wash it off with arak?

  3. Wake up in the morning and my breath ain’t pretty

    And no-ones gonna kiss me if my mouth smells shitty

    So I always bruch my teeth before I start on the Jack

    Sure my drinking’s out of hand but I’m controlling my plaque.


  4. Esoteric. Good use of various metaphors. Ecellent creative writing. I am, however, confused as to whether Nathan Hauritz was the shirt, the clock, the avocado, the nausea, or the senior partners in the firm. You need to be clearer. Overall, not as funny as Andrew Hughes.

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