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Kevin Pietersen shows the Aussies how it’s done

Kevin Pietersen against Zimbabwe‘It’ being ‘scoring runs against Zimbabwe’.

Despite forgetting that he was right-handed for much of his innings, everyone’s most/least favourite bludgeoner hit 79 off 37 balls after England had lost a few early wickets.

England also won by quite a margin, opening up the possibility that they could knock Australia out by not losing too badly to them later today. How very English.

Australia lose to Zimbabwe

hayden.jpgWhat’s this in our underwear? It’s urine. It’s gallons and gallons of urine produced during uncontrollable laughter at how Australia lost to Zimbabwe in the Twenty20 World Cup.

It’s been a long time since anyone’s really been able to remark upon an Australian defeat. There was England’s win in the Commonwealth Bank Series, but you always got the feeling it was going to be sandwiched between Australian victories in the Ashes and the World Cup and sure enough it was.

This is like a freebie though. No-one should lose to Zimbabwe. If you played Zimbabwe along with three mates on the local school field, Zimbabwe would run themselves out, then bowl wides and your three mates would hate you for making them waste a perfectly good afternoon.

Hopefully they won’t beat England now or that paragraph’s going to come back to haunt us.

Anyway. Live in the moment. To Australia’s rampant six-hitters! [Raises empty mug in solitary toast, thus realising that there is kettle work to be done.]

Zimbabwe have five players run out

Zimbabwe had five players run out in yesterday’s one-day international defeat against South Africa.

We don’t know if it’s some kind of record, but we do know that it’s amateurism. It would seem Zimbabwe are still crap, but in a new and exciting way.

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