Dropping Mitchell Johnson

Dear Australia,

Please retain your erratic kack-hander. His ingenious bowling tactic of surprising the batsman with a delivery that isn’t a full-pitched, legside wide really lends itself to our unsophisticated ‘repeat until funny’ approach to writing a website.

We have upwards of 200 “jokes” wherein Johnson grasps at the air three feet to the left of the item he was aiming for – be it a toothbrush, a door handle, a sandwich or whatever.

It would be a crime to waste these works as we fear we have not carried out sufficient repetition to cause mirth thus far.

Kind regards,
King Cricket

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3 Appeals

  1. I’m quite happy for Mitch to keep his place, his 8 wickets at 41 puts the likes of JM Anderson (42.1), PM Siddle (45.1), GP Swann (56.1), SCJ Broad (64.1) and MS Panesar (115.1) to shame!

    Statistical Analisys here

  2. Moses all that proves to be true is the old adage that ‘shit gets wickets. The real loser out of Johnstons poor form could be Phil Hughes. The Australian is quoting a Mr ‘sources’ suggesting that Hughes could be dropped for Watson to paper over the cracks in our bowling.

  3. We take it that you arent done tempting fate, then?

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