Ian Bell campaign propaganda

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AP Webster from Spun Out writes:

I think your bold Ian Bell campaign needs a touch of Obama magic. Here is a poster that is bound to get the message across ahead of the third Test:

Ian Bell - you know what to think


  1. Totally unrelated, but I thought someone needed to bring to your attention the shocking news that “Haydos” is commentating for TMS in the 3rd Test. Can he set a record for number of times to refer to yourself in the third person during the course of 5 days?

    “With rain delays expected, Matty Hayden has a lot of positivity about giving it 200% to achieve this record,”Haydos was not quoted as saying.

  2. Without a doubt, Suave, your comment is far and away the middlest I have ever read in my entire… oh look, a table! Oh sorry, miles away – what were we talking about?

  3. Excellent. How about a whole range of Ian Bell art?

    Andy Warhol on Ian Bell

    The Pre-Raphaelites on Ian Bell

    Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin on …. on Ian Bell


  4. i don’t normally comment here on KC, as I tend to catch up with lots of old posts all at once. I was doing that again just now though and came across a comment from WinniePooh on a post from 24 July


    In a premonition of such scary, uncanny accuracy they predict that Hughes will be replaced by Watson, as an opener. Who the hell else saw that coming? A week ago!
    This contributor is either Beelzebub or a high-ranking Aussie mole.

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