England bowling teams out – how do you feel about it?

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Some England supporters seem upset when their team bowls a side out for double figures. Pakistan are our second favourite side and we want to see them become stronger, but frankly they can do all their run-scoring against other teams.

When England are taking wickets as greedily as Mark Cosgrove taking crisps at a buffet, that’s as good as cricket gets. You have to make the most of it as well, because now we’re in a position where England will be chasing 100-and-odd and could conceivably make a balls of it, making an equally big balls of all the despair about Pakistan being dreadful and not even putting up a fight.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. The thing about Pakistan is that when they are on form they look like a ruthless, heartless group of neo-Australians. However, when they are in Mode B (rubbish), they manage to make themselves look innocently pathetic. See that Haider fellow – out for a primary in the first innings, and the whole world felt sorry for him. Calmly running up 88 in the second innings, he was in-yer-face bolshy.

    I think this is a tactic. If you are going to lose, you might as well do so with a face like Hazel from Watership Down so that your opponents can’t bring themselves to stamp on you.

  2. What most unnerves me is not England bowling sides out, but English batsmen chasing down 118 without making a fuss.

    Winning by 9 wickets is just un-English. They should have been 53-6 at lunch and just squeaked home by tea.

    English batsmen are supposed to be a bunch of poshos who don’t like honest hard-working English bowlers to look good. If the bowl Pakistan out for 100, true English batsgentlemen would have tried to get out for 90.

    Love Pakistan though. They are the Hollyoaks of the Cricket world. Real guilty pleasure.

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