England played – who knew?

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Because we didn’t. It was a Twenty20 international. Alex Hales scored 99. England won.

Does anybody know anything about it? Are we supposed to have opinions about it? Did anything particularly noteworthy happen other than Alex Hales’ innings? If it did, we might read a match report. Otherwise, we’ll just crack on with the important stuff.

What? We could have important stuff to do. You don’t know otherwise. You can’t state with absolute certainty that we don’t have one single thing to do that’s in any way important.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. I had it on the radio while cleaning and decorating. I half-listened to it all except the last over, so had no idea who won. It didn’t seem important.

    1. Have you any nuggets of information to impart regarding the on-field events? Maybe between us all, we can piece this thing together.

  2. So you missed it, eh? Well, here is a brief synopsis:

    WI won the toss and elected to bat.

    England brilliantly got the key wicket of Gayle by brilliantly making him slightly under-hit what would otherwise have been a six.

    Therefore England won. Else not.

  3. Understand the sentiment, but here is something that happened at the game yesterday.

    Method – I took my two boys, three hours being just about long enough to keep them focussed.

    Result – “when can we go again Dad”

    Conclusion – Cricket is better than football

    1. This wasn’t meant to come out as a Twenty20 diss – we were actually poking fun at ourself. We genuinely didn’t know the match was happening and genuinely missed it.

  4. I really dislike T20 cricket, but it has its place as what in my opinion is a separate entity.

    I just want SA-Eng to hurry up and arrive, that’s when the real cricket starts!

    To anyone that is interested, please help me to build my new cricket forum – a place for cricket fans to chat about cricket: http://armchairexperts.forumer.com/

  5. I half listened to the England innings on TMS. I’m all excited now. Can’t wait for the next match in the series. What’s that you say? One-off game? Shurely shome mishtake?

  6. Hello KC
    I was there!
    Apart from the 4 days of the Trent Bridge test match, this was the only sunny day in Nottingham this year.
    At the risk of being discarded for actually talking about the cricket, England won in the last over with 2 balls to spare. It was very exciting.

    1. As you say Jo, it is all a bit odd, some would say sinister, that every time international cricket is played at TB the sun shines. And it is a bit of an odd coincidence, some would say spooky, that all of this happened soon after Notts appointed Lisa Pursehouse as Chief Exec. Now I’m not suggesting for one minute that she an evil spirit from Satan’s Legions of Hell disguised in human form (she wouldn’t be the first to become a county CEO), but her name is an anagram of Soul-Use Harpies, and the phone number at TB has recently been changed to 0115 666 666 666 (Press 1 for selling your soul to the devil, press 2 for instructions on how to draw a pentagram, press 3 for county championship tickets). And Notts are doing strangely, some would say demonically, well in the county championship. Food for thought, hmm.

  7. I’d like to see some sort of mult-format series model (that’s a mouthful!) created where the ICC link together Test / ODI and T20 together – points for overall combined series wins, points for individual wins etc 3 tests 2 ODIs, 2 T20’s maybe????

    It’s all a dog’s breakfast and as you infer, KC, who knows and ultimately low awareness will lead to lack of interest. The ‘who cares?’ phenomenon will grow.

    1. Not entirely sure what to say to that. Thanks? Saying thanks seems wrong in this context.

  8. We just caught the end of the match.

    Alex Hales looked gutted when he played round a straight one on 99.

    Daisy let out a yelp of dismay.

    Then, moments later, England won the game.

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