Ijaz Butt and the bookies circle

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Pakistan Cricket Board chairman, Ijaz Butt, says:

“There is loud and clear talk in the bookies circle that some English players were paid enormous amounts of money to lose the match.”

What the hell is ‘the bookies circle’? Is it like the women’s institute? Do all the illegal bookmakers of the world meet up every second Sunday of the month to discuss match fixing over tea and battenburg? Is Ijaz Butt invited? How has he gathered this information?

If it were anyone else, this might be quite an interesting statement, but we’ve yet to hear of anyone who doesn’t think Ijaz Butt is a complete idiot. People involved with Pakistani cricket are PARTICULARLY strong on this point.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. This is why i don’t see why you waste vitriol on Giles Clarke. As cricket administering knobs go he is not in Butt’s league. Giles is Monty Lynch to Butt’s Bradman.

  2. You mean you doubt the word of ijaz butt? KC I’m gobsmacked. Btw we ALL knew about bookies circle – u just weren’t invited

  3. There was also remarks like “we have thought about this properly” in his statement. Yes, sounds like it Ijaz, I take it he sought legal advice as well when he allegedly thought all this through.

    He also threatens to sue those who conspire against Pakistani cricket, and then slanders the England team.

    And is talking about the ‘bookies circle’ in a way that would lead you to believe he is in the know, really that wise in the current enviroment?

    He cracks me up ‘The Smudge’ is right, he makes Giles Clarke look good.

    The Pakistani High Commissioner had been filling in for him with crackpot remarks up until today, but the king is now back in style.

  4. Well in Mr.Butt’s defense.. he did say it was LOUD and clear talk.
    He was in the neighborhood and he overheard some LOUD talk.. what?!

  5. Butt was asked what evidence he had for this claim, his answer was to ask what evidence there was for the claims against his players.

    Errr…..video evidence, taped converstaions, piles of marked bank notes in hotel rooms…predictions before the game that Pakistan would score particular numbers of runs in certain overs, that certain deliveries would be no-balls…… apart from that, he’s totally right, there’s nothing you’d call evidence.

  6. I thought that this was a joke when I first read the post… KC has lost it: it is just not believable that the head of cricket board would make such a ridiculous assertion.

    Then I found out it was, apparently, true. Still pretty unbelievable… I reckon that this is just a malicious rumour started by KC to discredit Pakistani cricket.

  7. The problem is not that he has accused the England players. The only surprise there is that it took him so long to get round to it. The problem is that he remains in denial about the situation in Pakistani cricket (“What evidence is there…”). So I think we can expect to see Mohammed Amir continuing his international cricket career in a few months, once he’s completed his life ban, and thus we can continue to be unable to trust any future Pakistan matches. The ICC meanwhile, will continue to make statements like, “We have not received any formal information from Mr. Butt, and therefore we are unable to comment”, instead of, “Mr. Butt is clearly a fuck-head. Let’s all point at him and laugh”, which is what they should be saying.

    I’ve got plenty of spare vitriol, Smudge. I would agree that some needs to be aimed at Ijaz Butt. Giles Clarke might not be in his league, but I don’t think that’s a good reason to stop shouting “Arsehole” at him at every opportunity.

  8. I have a theory which I have spent lietrally seconds thinking up. The ICC keep Butt around purely to as a distraction from their own incompetence. Think about it – if Butt wasn’t around, we might start to question their ridculous cricketing schedules, willingness to jump into bed with crooked billionaires and the need for ludicrous offices in that well known home of cricket Dubai (i know amny of us do question this but bear with me). All the while Butt continues to make an arse of himself, the ICC are safe in the knowledge that no matter how fuckwitted they appear, Butt will always appear worse.

  9. “The total statement I made [to NDTV] categorically explained that the bookies are saying this. I am not saying this.”

    Good defence.

    We overheard some guy in town who said that Ijaz Butt is a colossal prick who has sex with otters and once killed a man because he didn’t like his haircut.

    We’re not saying this. It was a guy in town.

  10. Ijaz Butt has just exposed how feeble and dimwitted Pakistan leadership of cricket actually is. They suffer from the insecurity that the cricketing world is out to get them. Its a huge conspiracy. Butt should realise that some of his players are crooked, got caught, yes in a set up…but they did it.

    Time for a reality check.

    Anyone remember Shahid Afridi eating the cricket ball and denying it then doing an about face?

    Going to be really interesting watching Ijaz Butt try and do an about face after slandering the English Cricket team.

    If Pakistan Cricket wasnt run by politicians who are drowning in blind nationalism id also be looking to Butt’s termination.

    He will probably just get a Pakistan life ban and be back in charge for the World Cup.

  11. Shabaash Ijaz Butt. About time you put the trash of an English Media in it’s place – in the gutter!!!!!

  12. Very disappointing posting, KC.

    I was expecting the lead in phrase to be a huge one:

    “By the enormous Butt of Ijaz…..”

    or something of that ilk.

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