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You’ll have heard of Michael Vaughan’s ‘artballing’ by now. He throws, hits and bowls paint-covered cricket balls against a canvas and what results is branded ‘art’.

Artballing - art or balls?

Vaughan took this up as part of his winter getting away from cricket. We’re not entirely sure whether this really counts as ‘getting away from cricket’. If Vaughan thinks it does, he’s rather lacking in imagination.

If you do something for a living, doing the exact same thing only with the odd implement dipped in paint isn’t ‘getting away from it’.

If you were a mechanic and at the end of the day you were sick of work, would you spend eight hours working on a car using a spanner that had been dunked in red Dulux?

No. Chances are that might seem just a bit too similar to work.

We did a rare half-decent post about this artballing lark, so we gave it to The Wisden Cricketer where it would be more at home.


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  1. it’s definitely balls. he could just print out the pitch graphic they use when he bats but that would only have 5 dots on it.

  2. Who was his main influence – was it that painting elephant, or the painting chimpanzee – there was a gorilla too? It could have been the local precocious 3 year old?

    Has he spilled the beans on this one yet? [and would it contribute to the composition?]

  3. I spend a large part of my working day reading stuff and then writing responses to it.

    Then, to relax in the evenings and early mornings I do something completely different, like MTWD and King Cricket……………………………….

  4. Vaughan’s initial efforts at artballing had a great many splodges on them. At the time, he was lauded as having one of the best artball techniques around. Since then though it’s all been downhill – his latest efforts have only two or three splodges.

    The wall behind and slightly to his right has a few, though.

  5. That was very precise throwing for the bat…

    I actually quite like that picture. Is this wrong?

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