Mushy came, Mushy saw, Mushy took a million wickets, Mushy got a bad knee

Bowled Mushy!Mushtaq Ahmed may not quite have been THE BALLS, but he was most definitely ‘the county balls’.

Every match he’d stumble in and take as many wickets as there are atoms in the universe (about nine) and every season he’d decide The County Championship.

It is very, very bad that he’s having to retire. Anyone who disagrees has to tell an old schoolfriend who’s better than them just what they’ve been doing with their life these last ten years.

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10 Appeals

  1. Hurrah for Mushie, indeed. Under-rated beard, too. All the panache of Amla’s, but with a touch more distinction. Top drawer.

    (Not that I base my opinions of cricketers entirely on their beards or anything.)

  2. It is a fine beard.

    Not many cricketers sport the ‘tache sans beard these days – someone should do something about that.

  3. so long as it’s not the ‘beard sans tache’ look of the seventies, that’s fine.

    whither muttonchops, by the way?

  4. Hey, the upside-down-head beard is brilliant – indeed it’s what Mushie himself currently sports. Won’t hear a word said against it.

  5. The upside-down-head beard seems to be a Muslim favourite – as modelled by the likes of Saqlain, Yousuf and Amla.

    It’s a pity that the knee injury has prevented Mushy from bearding another hundred wickets this season.

  6. how very strange… i have recently had to face an old schoolfriend, who is doing rather better than me, and indeed explain to him how i have frittered away the last few years… yet i still like mushy…. with his retirement, it seems i receive the worst in all worlds.

  7. A real gentleman. A great cricketer. A pleasure to listen too.

    In that order.

  8. King Cricket

    August 28, 2008 at 11:47 am

    Dave, excellent and appropriate use of the verb ‘to beard’. You’ve been paying attention.

    T, you would have had to have done the same again if you’d disagreed.

  9. I reckon the reason he bowled so well at Sussex, was that he was constantly trying to smash up Matt Prior’s face.
    At least that’s what I would have been doing.

  10. From looking at Matt Priors face, Mushy did well!

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