R Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja want to go home

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Probably. We wouldn’t blame them one bit.

Imagine being down the pub with your mates, talking about cricket. The company’s good, the beverages are exquisite: you’re in your element. The next day, you find yourself in an overpriced city centre drink hole along with some colleagues. They’re talking about potential comings and goings during football’s winter transfer window. You stand awkwardly, sipping some sort of acrid liquid which you’d assumed was the best option available to you. You’re not in your element.

In his last international match – a Test match against South Africa in Delhi – R Ashwin bowled 49.1 overs in the second innings, taking 5-61. He took 31 wickets in the series at an average of 11.12, conceding 2.09 runs an over. For his part, Ravindra Jadeja took 23 wickets at 10.82 and conceded 1.76 runs an over.

The pair were strike bowlers, holding bowlers and they barely took a break. They did everything.

But cricket encompasses a lot. Today, in a one-day international against Australia, Ashwin took 2-68 off nine and Jadeja 0-61 off nine. They were bit-part players and, but for Ashwin’s wickets, it could even be argued that they were liabilities.

So it goes. Sometimes all you can do is sip your Amstel and try and make the best of things.


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  1. As long as it’s not Strongbow. I’m a big cider drinker, but I don’t think that counts as cider. I don’t think that counts as anything.

    Being forced to drink Strongbow was probably what the World Cup was like for England.

    1. If there’s no beverage which has to actually be hand-pumped by the barkeep, you can shove the entire establishment up your proverbial, thank you very much.

      Just out of interest, KC, what type of colleagues would these hypothetically be?

      1. The kind that drink in shit bars, he answered – in no way deliberately missing the mischievous point of the question.

    2. Strongbow was what a certain segment of the student population at my university drank near-exclusively. On one occasion I found myself drinkless at a function held by this segment of the population, and so decided to try a Strongbow. It tasted like apple juice mixed with gasoline. I have never tried it a second time.

  2. Does anyone else keep getting 500 Internal Server Errors on this site? By which I mean the error’s labelled 500, not that there are 500 of them.

    I have a wonderful mental image of 500 tiny waiters running around inside a machine I’ll call the “Kingcricketotron”, serving the packets of data that make the site work. And over the last couple of days, someone’s put banana peels just inside the kitchen entrance.

      1. Nothing in particular, it just seems to swamp the entire site. Times – around midday I guess, peak work procrastination time. Oftenness – well, it’s working now. I’d say it was about 50-50 trying to access the site yesterday (through Chrome).

      2. Hopefully it’s not struggling to cope with traffic. It’s not like it’s unusually high at the minute or anything.

        If anyone else has problems, please let us know.

      3. If anyone else has problems, please let us know.

        I have problems. Nothing to do with this website though.

    1. …however, if I go to my favourite page, the cricket top trumps game (I have such happy memories of it), I get the following error message:

      “Cannot connect to database, check your settings in config.php”

      Does anyone else get this?

      1. I get:

        Please contact the website administrator and over and over again until he cracks.

        followed by:

        You appear to be having difficulty accessing this page, which is frankly unacceptable. Would you like Windows to set up a bot to send the same annoying message to the administrator every few minutes or so?

  3. George Bailey: “I imagine in ten or 15 years the coloured floppy will have the same significance as the baggy green.”

    “coloured floppy”

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