Shane Watson’s legendary front pad, the worst piece of cricket in Test history + more

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Episode two of the 2013 Ridiculous Ashes has gone up this week. It focuses on the second Test, which England won by a long, long way going by conventional cricket metrics, but which featured a strong showing from the tourists in ridiculous terms. We’ve a couple of videos to share with you relating to two of the nominations.

First of all, the 2013 Ashes was, in many ways, the zenith of Shane Watson’s LBW-after-a-pointless-review career.

During the episode, we reference Geoff Lemon’s classic Hey Shane Watson! video that resulted from the great man’s legwork in this match. That is still well worth a watch.

Secondly, we’d like to remind you of another LBW; a dismissal that Graeme Swann called “the worst piece of cricket in Test history.”

Here’s the footage. You’ll note that Swann was the bowler responsible – although kudos to Chris Rogers for making the most of the filth that was served up to him.

You can listen to the episode here. You’ll also find episode one (featuring Pat Cummins) on that page, as well as links to the Ridiculous Ashes feeds on various podcast things.

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  1. I love Geoff Lemon’s rant, not least because I recognise the faces of several of the unsuspecting passers-by who are affected by it…or are feigning to ignore it.

    Daisy and I were there that day…by which I mean Day Two of the Lord’s Test 2013. I haven’t yet written it up for Ogblog but really must do so. I also must listen to Part Two of the 2013 Ridiculous Ashes.

    While I am doing all that, some people might enjoy my latest “Forty Years On” piece which revives the great temporal-culinary nomenclature debate, which has raged on this site as well as in ancient Keele:

    Bert’s Keele cousin is absent, sadly, but there is a link to a great KC piece on the North v South topic.

      1. Ah, I see. She/Her.

        She was almost certainly promoting the sort of evening/night-time establishment which is, to be honest, not to my taste.

        My parents got married in Spearmint Rhino on the Tottenham Court Road, much to my father’s amusement when the venue became said establishment.

  2. Third (and final) comment today (forgive me, I am in catch-up mode), but what a match report that was, the good old days when there were very detailed descriptions of food and beverages consumed, and then original poems in the comments section regarding same.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Chuck.

      Daisy and I are both struggling to get our heads around the enormity of that picnic for two.

      I’m not sure we could carry that much any more, let alone eat it.

  3. Wasn’t expecting Namibia to beat Sri Lanka in the first round of the T20 WC… but to do so by 55 runs, despite a golden duck for David Wiese, is quite something. Hope it boosts the game there, their player base must be tiny – they only have a handful of clubs.

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