Shikhar Dhawan and his moustache

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Our facial hair says ‘couldn’t be bothered shaving’. Shikhar Dhawan’s says ‘I take enormous pride in my moustache’.

Hair can build up like limescale or mould or it can be something you cultivate and tend to like a flower. Dhawan’s moustache reminds us of a possibly apocryphal story we heard while in Rajasthan once. This guy told us he’d sat behind someone on a bus who he’d suspected of having the grandest, widest moustache, only to discover that the chap in question had actually waxed his extensive ear hair into long, regal points. Whether that’s true or not, that’s taking pride in your hair.

Dhawan’s moustache is fantastic, but somehow he overshadowed it with his batting. We’ve said before that India rarely struggle for batsmen. Let’s not devalue Dhawan’s innings by dwelling on the bowling he faced, the truth is that he tracked down Australia’s open wounds and then excavated them using some sort of threshing machine made entirely out of salt. It was astonishingly cruel, frighteningly brutal and quite, quite brilliant.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. His is an interesting story. Dhawan was top scorer in u19 World Cup and was the obvious next big talent but somehow could never make it. Many guys like gambhir and raina have had big careers so far even though hey started together. Somehow dhawan never could graduate to the big leagues.

    Many A tours and domestic big matches have resulted in lot of disappointment. Good to see him do well though I would still not go crazy over this as he is known to really kill average attacks.

  2. Amazing knock. However, I wouldn’t get too excited until we’ve seen him play 10 Tests at least. He’s a flair batsman, and his first class career basically follows the pattern of a big score followed by a prolonged barren patch. As an aside, he’s the only Indian player to have a “carpe diem” bicep tattoo, a buzzed head and a splendid mustache.

  3. Well, good innings and all that. But to me, the story of the day was Chris Gayle’s quote published on cricinfo.

    1. I have to say that it’s a great quote, and would have been ‘story of the day’ on any other day, but not today. How very English of you two.

  4. Equally, his innings shouldn’t be allowed his moustache. That twirl was a great moment. Both understated and hugely cocky, at the same time old fashioned and achingly cool. Like Gower flicking off his pads (and not getting caught).

    1. Thank you skid,that is despite my missing out two words (to wit “to overshadow”, in that order) which would have meant that it actually made sense.

  5. Let’s remember Dhawan is a brand, not a player, or indeed a person….

    “Matthew Hayden ‏@HaydosTweets
    This 100 of Dhawan will be spoken about for a very long time. The new brand of India has arrived!!!”

  6. Steve smith almost scored a century and gets tendulkar out.OMG where is test cricket headed..

  7. I particularly enjoyed Dhawan’s overnight quote, when asked how he had scored so freely: “I played each ball on its merits”, he said.

    In other words, “the bowling was utterly gash”.

    No tash could overshadow that knock and that quote.

    Top bloke.

    1. I thought the same, Ged, it was a gorgeously pitched insult. I like this chap a lot. however, “gash” is a rather more vulgar expression than I would expect form you.

  8. Matthew Hayden “@HaydosTweets Wow. Can you believe this game of test cricket. 5 wickets for India first session has hurt us badly!”

    The Lord Master of the Obvious has a huge swipe on social media

  9. In other news – any got opinions on the pink kit the Safa’s wore yesterday? Is this a new regular thing or a one off?

    Not as good as the Windies 70’s kit obviously.

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