Sunil Narine taken out to the Pine Barrens

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Do you get the feeling that there are a number of dead men walking at the minute? It’s like one mob family has ordered a series of hits on a rival family and now capos and crew members are being picked off as they go about their daily business.

Sunil Narine is the latest to be visited by Paulie Walnuts, but he’s only been wounded, not killed. He’s been reported for his action when bowling his quicker ball, but unlike Saeed Ajmal, he’s not been suspended.

An uber-cynical prediction would involve him playing the rest of the Champions League for his IPL side before somehow being banned ahead of the World Cup.


  1. I’d make ALL spinners wear thick PVC all-over bodysuits for international matches.

    Why are we discussing spinners anyway? Has something happened?

  2. The New Jersey Pine Barrens are an awful, awful place. New Jersey in general is, but the Pine Barrens are the worst of New Jersey.

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