County Championship second division in 2014 – all you need to know

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Jesse Ryder took 44 wickets at 18.09 for Essex. To put that in context, Ryder has taken 99 first-class wickets in his entire career.

This season, he took four five-fors and had one ten-wicket match. These were added to the no five-fors he’d previously taken to give him a career tally of four five-fors and one ten-wicket match.


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  1. Arguably this just shows how well Ryder’s bowling is suited to English conditions and how being underbowled in the past had stunted the development of his all-round game. The extent of the workload he took on also shows how dire this season of bowling injuries was for Essex, who would likely have been promoted otherwise. Arguably.

    To be fair there are other talented batsmen I’d love to have seen bowled more and a County Championship injury crisis is as good an excuse as any. When he was coming up the county ranks Ian Bell used to vote bowl a fair bit. He isn’t even England’s seventh choice these days. If only he’d been turning out for Essex we might now be talking about the Jaywick & Clacton Jacques Kallis.

    1. Ian Bell can’t even bat as well as Jacques Kallis, never mind the bowling. Ooh, ahh, out.

      (And before anyone brings up the 2013 Ashes, yes, he did well there. He now seems to have regressed again.)

    2. The Jaywick version of anything is always going to be worse than the authentic article, of course (assuming you’re aware of the joys of that town) but it’s the spirit of emulation that counts when the monikers are handed out.

  2. The man once tore a calf muscle while erm, watching from from first slip asthe wicket keeper took the ball. I’m surprised he bowled 44 balls really.

    Other career highlights include being described as having “more chins than first class centuries (5)” by a Guardian columnist (does he have 20 chins now?) and excusing himself from a NZA tour on the grounds that he was playing for Ireland – then just not turning for the Ireland game.

    He’s really an everyman club cricketer only actually quite good. And/or CC div 2 is just everyman club cricket.

    PS: I have more chins than first class centuries too. Me and Jesse.

  3. Batsmen opening the bowling with wobbly medium pace is sadly lacking in todays game. Ganguly the last to do it in international cricket?

    I used to love watching Trescothick bowl personally. A sort of shudder up to the stumps, and loopy, mesmeric swing. Lovely stuff.

  4. My highlight of the year was the over AB de Villiers bowled in a test against India. Mr good at everything, Captain of Games came on and bowled an over of round arm, middle aged, village wobblers. I warmed to the chap- never liked a South African cricketer so much since Rodney Ontong retired ..and he may have been Zimbabwean for all I can remember.

  5. Mills has left Essex and the rumour for a while has been that he’s Surrey bound. I’m not sure why this is meant to be a great move for either party.

    1. My Essex supporting colleague will be bitterly disappointed. It was much easier for him to criticise the move as unambitious when he thought he was staying in the same division.

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