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Hopefully you’re aware that we (Alex Bowden and Dan Liebke) are doing The Ridiculous Ashes Podcast. Series 1 is about the 1997 series and we’ll add each of the six episodes to this page as they go live. Episode three features England operating on a higher plane of collapsification and Michael Bevan filth.

The Ridiculous Ashes is an alternative trophy that is awarded to the side that produces the most hilarious and absurd cricket across an Ashes series. We first did it as a written thing over at Cricket 365 for the 2019 series.

You’ll find embeds of the episodes in Series 1 below.

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1st Test

In this premiere episode of The Ridiculous Ashes Podcast, Dan and Alex revisit the 1st Test of the 1997 Ashes. Surprise hundreds, Nasser Hussain having a go at himself, Jason Gillespie batting with a runner – it’s all in there.

2nd Test

Dan and Alex return to Lord’s for the 2nd Test of the 1997 Ridiculous Ashes. In between all the rain, they discuss the fair-mindedness of Ian Healy, a heroic lack of Alec Stewart action, some Waugh-Warne Hindsight Corner and much more.

3rd Test

Dan and Alex brave the hot Manchester sun to bring you ridiculousness from the 3rd Test of the 1997 Ashes. This episode features the art of the collapse, pointlessness from John Crawley, the filthiness of Michael Bevan’s bowling and plenty more.

4th Test

Out January 27

5th Test

Out February 3

6th Test

Out February 10


  1. The podcast made me hunt around on the internet to try and find footage of Healy’s stumping, but I failed to find it 🙁

    Enjoying the podcast so far though.

      1. The microphone will theoretically be yours, obviously.

        In practice, though, it will reside in The Lord’s Museum for posterity. No individual or institution (with all due respect, least of all you) can be trusted with possession of such an important artefact.

      2. In that case please will Lord’s provide a replacement. Ideally one with both ear bits and not just the one because the other had an office chair roll over it some time ago.

      3. The tradition is to provide the winner with a replica that has no utility but is an attractive memento. The Awards Committee sees no reason to break with tradition on this occasion.

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