Virender Sehwag defies pretty much everyone and everything

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Murali. Vaas. Mendis. A pitch with one wet end and one cracked end. Rain. Reason. Virender Sehwag defied them all.

Dravid, Tendulkar and Ganguly mustered seven between them. Gautam Gambhir had a lot of luck to edge his way to 56. VVS Laxman hung around for a bit. The tail folded. Meanwhile Virender Sehwag careered along to 201 not out, like a giraffe on rollerskates going down a hell of a steep hill. He should fall, but he doesn’t. He just keeps on accelerating.

You’ve got to admire his reasoning: ‘Hmm. It’s doing a bit. Best keep panning the ball as hard as I can like usual.’

And he’s bald. There’s no way he’s related to Sanath Jayasuriya is there?


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  1. We’re inclined to think that Sehwag doesn’t have any brains, but is fortunate enough not to need them.

  2. You know what? The most popular Bollywood-film of all time (Sholay) had the two main characters named Jai and Veeru !!
    On second thought I don’t think our Jay and Veeru are brothers or anything… Maybe Sanath and Sehwag were trained in the same Shaolin temple… Bald is just part of their uniform… 🙂

  3. Turned down a single at 199?

    Didn’t Ian Bell do pretty much the same thing the other week?

    Eh? Oh.

  4. A giraffe on rollerskates going down a steep hill? Sehwag doesn’t have that sort of footwork, surely?

    Maybe if they were concrete rollerskates.

  5. Sehwag is most certainly *not* a giraffe on rollerskates. That would be Ishant Sharma. As any ornithologist should be able to tell, Sehwag is in fact a warthog in a luge track. Giraffes don’t have tusks.

  6. Its pretty amazing to think that back in the day when Sehwag was making the rounds in first-class cricket, and smashing quick hundreds, everyone had him down as a one-day specialist. I don’t think anyone thought he’d score two triple-tons in tests.

  7. sehwaag yaar creej par time jyada bitane ke koshish kiya kar
    achha lagta hai

    jab 1-5 over mai aout ho jaata hai to bahut bura lagta hai

  8. Sewag yar tumahre jaisa koi nahi.Tum to creez par khade hi ache lagte ho bade sexi shot lagate ho.Kam se kam 20-22 over ruk jaia karo

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