Weather forecast for the first Ashes Test at Brisbane

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Cricinfo is meteorologically ahead of the game.

“Clarke under cloud for Brisbane Test”

Clearly England should do away with Tremlett, Finn and Rankin and replace them with Mark Ealham, Mike Watkinson and Alan Igglesden to take advantage of overhead conditions.

Yes, we have been reduced to this. What of it?


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


Why risk it when it's so easy to sign up?


  1. By the time South Africa finishes with him in summer 2014 it will be a storm big enough to halt play permanantly. Graeme Smith has a habit of doing that.

  2. Asked if he could miss the Gabba Test he said: “I’ll say definitely not, but at this stage, we can’t predict how long it’s going to take to get right”

    Now I’ve read that quote several times and I’m still not sure what he’s trying to say. It’s almost worthy of Words of Haydos.

    1. Just a few more days. Probably. We haven’t actually checked the fixtures and haven’t really worked out whether it’s still qualifying or the tournament proper.

    2. Can I add a vote for avoiding champions league posts.
      Once you’ve sank to the very lowest cricketing dregs, you might accidentally break through the floor, which would then become a ceiling, and find pleasant new cricketing pastures.

      Or you could try elaborate mixed metaphors.

  3. At the risk of raising a relevant point, who skippers Australia at Brisbane if Clarke’s still got back knack? Haddin? Watson? Oh please let it be Watson.

    1. Considering the Australian selection panel, they’ll probably hand George Bailey his first Test cap and make him captain too. On second thoughts, that isn’t a bad idea really given the other options.

  4. Effectively you are asking who should be vice captain/stand in for Clarke in the event of back knack.
    Given the somewhat volatile selection policy we have been engaged in it would surely make sense to go with the only other guy who has been and continues to be a certain pick for the team?

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