A cricket bat at a wedding

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You don’t often see cricket bats at weddings. It should happen more often.

Knocked in with felt tip

This wasn’t a normal wedding though. This was the wedding of Miriam and Jrod of Cricket With Balls.

They were married at The Oval and the groom wore cricket whites.

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  1. That’s a Warsop Stebbing, by cripes. And are those Duracel batteries in the top corner? And, yes, a Staedtler Textsurfer Triplus felt tip pen. My goodness, this really was a wedding of quality!

    Oh, wait a minute. That looks like Australian red wine.

  2. you know, for some reason this has suddenly reminded me of the nihilists with a cricket bat in The Big Lebowski. that was cool… the marmot even more so.

  3. Bert – you missed the Marlboro cigs packet, crushed & aesthetically arranged by Suave. That’s possibly my glasses case in there too!

  4. yay! yay!

    Bert, the pen in fact came in a packet of about 12, from Poundland.

    Also, the bat has a personalised sticker on the other side, with our names and the date.

  5. I have no wish to sound churlish and I proffer my sincere congratulations to the newlyweds.

    However, much as I can accept theargument that it is unusual to see a cricket bat at a wedding, a wedding is not a place.

    The Oval is a place.

    It is NOT unusual to see a cricket bat at the Oval.

  6. I didn’t get invited though Alex, but I’m not bitter. They just better keep away from any spinning wheels though

  7. The bat is a fabulous idea, Miriam. I only wish that I’d thought to have a personalised cricket bat at my wedding, plus of course a bride who would have allowed a personalised cricket bat at her wedding. Ah well.

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