A cricket book in the Vintage Mobile Cinema

Ged writes:

I flew up to Edinburgh for a bit of Fringe, taking with me only The Kings Of Summer by Duncan Hamilton and a collapsible brolly. Amongst other things, we visited the Vintage Mobile Cinema, which was interesting and fun.

I neglected to actually photograph the book in the cinema, but I did photograph the cinema.

On the way home, I took a photograph of the book and my boarding pass.

I realise that the photographic evidence is less than perfect this way, but it will have to do.

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4 Appeals

  1. Fake news.

  2. Here, for those who are interested, is the definitive write up of that day, which should raise the odd smile or even laugh – it was one of those wackier days:


    None of it is fake news, not even Daisy’s extraordinary and seemingly fallacious statement right at the end of the piece.

  3. Is this match report more than a year old?

    • The Duncan Hamilton book is basically a match report from 2016, but my submission is less than a year old: August 2017. Quite recent in my terms.

      Advanced students of cricket puzzles might like to puzzle over an intriguing cricket connection within my seemingly cricket-free Ogblog piece:

      Name the cricketer who connects the venal alumnus’s posh school with the megastar named towards the end of the piece…and what is the connection?

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