Cricket pads hard at work in an art studio

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Apparently embracing the timekeeping habits of this website, Tom began writing to us after spotting this in February before eventually sending the email in July. (We’ve used an image from a different video above.)

“It is a pair of cricket pads being worn by artist Sophie von Hellerman in her studio in Margate,” said Tom.

“Initially you might think she has been designing the pads for a new limited-overs franchise – the Margate Megafauna perhaps (and maybe that yellow leopard-like character in one of the paintings is the club mascot). But I think in fact she wears them to cushion the knees when painting on the floor – a useful tip for cricketers who also garden/undertake DIY/are successful contemporary artists/pray regularly.

“Hellerman is no stranger to cricket, incidentally. She painted this idyllic scene back in 2001.

“If you’re very bored, you can read a long thing I wrote that was published in The Pinch Hitter in June 2020. In a way it is an entire essay about cricket equipment in unusual places – those places being contemporary art galleries. It also contains a rumour about a nude David Gower.”


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