Every person involved with England cricket is an eight-year-old child‏

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Turncoat players; fringe squad members ‘leaking’ information; nameless ECB officials also leaking information and accusing players of having oversized egos; not to mention a media solely interested in column inches, badgering anyone and everyone for more information.

Fucking stop it. Belt up.

Who cares who says and thinks what about whom? Whether people like or dislike other people is irrelevant. They can still work together. Even if they disagree about certain issues, they can surely all agree on one; what should be the unifying sentiment for everyone involved – that they want what’s best for England.

Tell you what’s most definitely not best for England: inciting needless conflict and fracturing the side through unceasing, childish whispering.

If one more unnamed ECB official or player ‘leaks’ some further information that can only cause conflict in the England team, we’re going to act.

No TV, no videogames, no sweets. We’ll also torch all the sponsored cars – but that’s more for our benefit.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


Why risk it when it's so easy to sign up?


  1. For some reason, I thought of this – here’s a clipping from a website back in 2004, about Sven-Goran Eriksson’s Faria-Alam daliance:

    “Colin Gibson, FA director of communications
    Made his name as one of the country’s leading soccer journalists before becoming sports editor of the Sunday Telegraph and then the Daily Mail.
    Switched sides to join the FA as director of communications in January and was widely praised for his role during Euro 2004.
    Was undone when he attempted to broker a deal with the News of the World, asking for details of Palios’s affair with Alam to be hushed up [in return he offered details of Sven’s relationship with Alam to the NotW].
    The newspaper published transcripts of the conversation and Gibson offered his resignation, yet to be accepted. [It was accepted]”

    And what does CG do now?
    Director of communications for the ECB.

  2. Think about it like this, every work place has it’s problems and issues between staff. People do bitch etc but the ones who are effective at their job don’t get involved and move on from it. These ECB officials and players etc should be well about this level of pettiness considering their status and pay…

  3. The ECB should line up, bend over and accept six of the best from King Cricket (although no doubt some of them would quite enjoy it).

  4. Daisy says, “don’t be so boring, this is fun. Gossip makes the world go round”.

    I’m only reporting to you what she says, don’t take it out on me.

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