ITV4 are showing highlights of the Bangladesh v England Test matches

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Just a quick public service post to say exactly what we’ve just said. ITV4 have got an hour-long highlights programme for each day of the two Test matches between Bangladesh and India.

Tonight (Thursday) it’s at 7pm and having just scrolled through the listings, it’s also 7pm for each of the four subsequent days of this match.

A word of warning though. If our experience with ITV4’s cycling highlights is anything to go by, you’d do well to avoid relying on their on-demand service over the weekend – it sometimes takes a while before episodes show up.

In summary ‘series record’ is the order of the day if that’s an option to you. Failing that, you might want to watch the ‘live’ highlights or on-demand will probably be okay most days.


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    1. We need to be thankful that the ECB goes out of their way to hide this information away from any fans without Sky packages but who nevertheless would like to watch some cricket.

      Can one imagine how terrible the world would be if organisations actually acted in the interests of fans?

  1. Disappointed Hameed didn’t get picked, apparently the selectors felt too many scoring opportunities might b3 missed with two “more watchful” batsmen at the top of the ordee. Having just seen the scorecard that looks a poor call.

    1. If your 3-7 reads Root, Duckett, Bairstow, Ali, Stokes surely you have enough attacking batsmen. He would have replaced Ballance, the next stodgiest batsman, so it really doesn’t make sense.

  2. I can’t help thinking that a channel named ITV4, although free-to-air, is not exactly the place where the cool kids hang out.

    I could be wrong about this; I watch little television (other than cricket and news) and am out of touch with the hundreds of channels available.

    But from the little I do know, the fourth channel is not normally the one for the cool kids.

    Example One: BBC Radio 4. I love it. I have loved it since I was a student. I was not one of the cool kids.

    Example Two: BBC 4. I have watched little there in recent years, but back in the day I did quite often catch an interesting documentary or foreign movie on that channel. Or a cerebral game show. I even know that it started its life with the unpretentious title of BBC Knowledge, as a couple of pals were involved with the channel back then. No, BBC 4 is/was not for the cool kids.

    Channel 4 sort of was for the cool kids, but that wasn’t the fourth channel of a particular broadcaster, that was the sole channel for the third broadcaster, which is different.

    Perhaps my ignorance needs correcting. Perhaps ITV4 is exactly where we would like to see terrestrial cricket pick up that vital new audience and start quietly but stealthily having cricket take over the sports watching and sports participation world.


    1. The cool kids are hanging around the streets smoking with the other cool kids. Cool kids don’t watch TV.

    2. These days it’s actually rather passé to be a kid full stop. Coolness is looked upon similarly.

      The modern cool kids are actually uncool adults and all the uncool adults can be found watching Storage Wars, Fishing Impossible and, currently, live bowls.

      1. Spit. I’m not one of those, either.

        Is “live bowls” crown green bowling? I remember watching that with my dad. One of the commentators, Fred Trueman-like if not the great man himself, used to say “runaway ball” to try to encourage the ball, through the use of sound waves, in its mission to get closer to…whatever thingie it’s supposed to get close to.

        I think my dad only watched it so he could try imitating Mr “Runaway Ball” in dad’s mock Yorkshire accent. Dad hated sport.

        Of course there wasn’t much choice of TV in those days; perhaps bowls was simply on the TV between programmes that dad wanted to watch. No remote control in those days.

        Happy times.

    3. There should be a lot more athletics on the television, particularly the field events, and ITV could be the perfect home for these.


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