James Tredwell brings more wonders

James Tredwell and his bowling face (also the rest of his body)

When England won a Test series in India, we felt moved to ask: “Will wonders never cease?”

It wasn’t a rhetorical question, so in light of England winning a high-scoring one-day international in India, we now have an answer: WONDERS WILL NEVER CEASE.

England don’t do high-scoring one-day matches well. If they think they’re threatening 300, they tend to assume that they’re playing irresponsibly and so rein themselves in. Watching SamPat thock the ball with abandon at the end of the innings, we felt convinced that 325 wasn’t enough.

We hadn’t banked on the wiles of James Tredwell, however, who was so effective that we feel moved to call him ‘James Playedwell’.

No-one would really have anticipated that India’s gameplan would be to see off James Tredwell and then cash in against the other bowlers. Certainly no-one expected them to fail at the ‘seeing him off’ part. Tredwell took 4-44 off his ten overs and in a match in which both sides passed 300, that’s really rather handy.

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11 Appeals

  1. SamPat? PlayedWell? This is what happens when you write two posts in a day – you are forced to resort to awful puns to get your point across.

  2. Our SamPat
    Is quite nifty with a bat,
    He can run in a circle
    As fast as a cat
    And when he gets hungry
    He takes off his hat.
    Our SamPat.

  3. Fools ‘raj Singh where angels fear to Tredwell.

  4. In every article written about him, Tredwell’s name is preceded by the word ‘wily’. Henceforth, James Playedwell will suffice.

    Awesome wordplay much appreciated – more please.

  5. At last! 3 overs and a cameo 44! Proof Samit isn’t a bits and pieces cricketer.

  6. His expression in the picture is one of a man attempting to dislodge the bails with his large intestine.

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